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Getting Started

Matomo Tag Manager lets you manage and unify all your tracking and marketing tags. Tags are also known as snippets or pixels. Such tags are typically JavaScript code or HTML and let you integrate various features into your site in just a few clicks, for example:

  • Tracking analytics data
  • Conversion tracking
  • Newsletter signups
  • Exit popups and surveys
  • Remarketing
  • Social widgets
  • Affiliates
  • Реклами
  • and more

This can be achieved using these main components:

  • Tags - A snippet of code (usually JavaScript or HTML) which will be added to your site.
  • Triggers - Defines when a tag should be fired.
  • Variables - Lets you retrieve data which can be used by tags and triggers.

A Tag Manager makes your life easier when you want to modify any of these snippets on your website as you will no longer need a developer to make the needed changes for you. Instead of waiting for someone to make these changes and to deploy your website, you can now easily make the needed changes yourself. This lets you not only bring changes to the market faster, but also reduces cost.

It also comes in handy if you embed many third-party snippets into your website and want to bring in some order to oversee all the snippets that are embedded and have a convenient way to manage them.

The Tag Manager also makes sure all that all snippets are implemented correctly and loaded in the right way for faster performance.

There are custom tags, triggers, and variables available to let you implement pretty much any use case you need.

If you use features regularly which are not available yet, or you have a product you want to integrate into the Tag Manager, please check out our developer documentation on how to add your own tags, triggers, and variables. It is really easy.

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